How Social 6 Can Speed Up Your Treatment

Many patients get braces as teenagers and get to reap the benefits of a beautifully aligned smile. But what if your teeth start to shift out of place again? Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics offers older teens and adults a solution to realigning their teeth without needing to go through the complete braces process again. Thanks to the advancements of Social 6, we can help you reach your smile goals once more. Read on to learn about how Social 6 can speed up your treatment!


What is Social 6?

A limited orthodontic treatment option, Social 6 uses discreet clear aligners by Invisalign to improve your alignment. The name of this treatment refers to your always visible upper and lower front six teeth that are focused on during care. Thanks to this concentrated alignment work, this care option speeds up your time with an orthodontic appliance. 

Ideal for adults and older teens who may have stopped wearing their retainer, misplaced it, or whose teeth just shifted out of place due to time, this care option is your answer! If you have noticed small changes to your teeth or are simply looking to improve aesthetics, Social 6 can solve your alignment issues.


How Does It Work?

Come In For A Free Consultation

When you come into our office for your free consultation, Dr. Farrow or Dr. Dewbre will examine your teeth and be able to share with you in more detail about your orthodontic needs and learn more about your smile goals. We will additionally discuss your complete treatment plan and financial options so there are no surprises when it comes to your time with us.

Scanning Your Teeth

If our orthodontists agree Social 6 is perfect for reaching your goals, our team can begin scanning your teeth with our iTero digital scanning system. Thanks to advancements in digital teeth imaging, the clear aligners we provide you with for treatment will fit your teeth perfectly. Once we have a complete model, your clear aligner trays will be ready in just a few days, when we can call you back to ensure they fit.

Treatment Begins

Following Dr. Farrow and Dr. Dewbre’s instructions, you will quickly get to see results as your teeth begin to correct themselves before you know it! Very few scheduled follow-ups are necessary due to the short treatment time and the minor adjustments that need to be made. Still, our team will continue to monitor if changes to your appliance are necessary. 

Keeping Your Teeth In Position After Treatment

Once you have finished treatment, we will provide you with a retainer you will need to wear as prescribed. This prevents your teeth from shifting out of their straight alignment once again. Our team will share instructions on the best care for it and keep your teeth in top health after treatment.


How Social 6 Can Speed Up Your Treatment

Why Get Social 6 Treatment?

Increase Your Daily Confidence

With straightened teeth, you can expect a significant boost in your confidence! This cosmetic procedure does more than just improve the aesthetic of your smile. Many with misaligned teeth who are unhappy with their smile are less likely to share it with others in times of joy. After your smile treatment, we hope you get to share your beautiful grin with everyone else.

Your front six teeth are all visible when you break a grin, so putting the effort in to improve them is worth each day. Even though shifting these few teeth may seem minor, we guarantee the impact on your smile overall is significant!

Treatment Is Nearly Invisible

Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics uses the power of Invisalign for our Social 6 treatment. Our clear aligners are nearly invisible, allowing you to continue your everyday life while working toward your smile goals. Others may never even guess that you are undergoing orthodontic care! Keep your trays shining with consistent cleanings to maintain the look.

Fewer Office Visits Than Traditional Care

Treatment for Social 6 doesn’t take as long as traditional braces or Invisalign when you straighten out all of your teeth at the same time, requiring fewer visits to our office than traditional care. We will continue to monitor your progress and ensure that you complete treatment within this option’s short time frame.


How Is It Different From Regular Treatment?

Social 6 is a much more comfortable treatment choice focused on cosmetic enhancement, as it only affects a small group of your teeth. Other care options involve all your teeth and require more interference in your daily life. You can rely on Social 6 to improve your smile’s appearance without irritation or discomfort. 

This treatment typically lasts three to six months, significantly shorter than other treatment plans, which last between one and three years. This time-efficient option is perfect for those with minor improvements looking to improve the aesthetics of their smile.


How Social 6 Can Speed Up Your Treatment

Take The First Step Toward Treatment Today!

If you have been looking to improve your front teeth and believe Social 6 is the treatment for you, you can count on the Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics team to provide reliable and effective results! We have offices in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Clinton, and Deer Creek, ready to start your treatment. Get in touch with our friendly front desk staff to answer any of your questions about Social 6, and schedule your free consultation today!