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The Glow Up Club at Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics is for our younger patients that are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment.

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Grow Up with a Glowing Smile

Dr. Farrow, Dr. Dewbre and The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommend that children have their first orthodontist exam no later than age seven.

While most seven-year-olds will not be ready for treatment, Dr. Farrow and Dr. Dewbre will be able to evaluate how things are developing and if your child will need orthodontics later in life.

Early treatment is important to monitor the eruptive pattern of the permanent teeth and identify any potential issues at an early stage. This allows us to prevent severe issues from forming that would be much more difficult and time-consuming to correct later.

About Our Kids Club

As far as the kids are concerned, the Glow Up Club is FUN! When we discover a child isn't quite ready for orthodontic treatment, they are automatically enrolled in our Kids Club.

Some of the perks of our Kids Club include:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Choose a prize from the Glow Up Club Treasure Chest at each visit
  • Monthly Contest for larger Glow Prizes
  • Birthday Cards
  • Occasional gifts and news in the mail
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Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to schedule your child’s very first orthodontic exam, our team would love to meet you! Contact our offices in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Clinton, or Deer City.